Ball Of Light

I have a new film in the works! A few weeks back, I was wandering around Adelaide’s Bowerbird Bazaar, a bi-annual art and craft show. I was quite taken with some especially enigmatic photography on display, and got chatting to the creator, Denis Smith. I’m always intrigued by photographic projects which skilfully play with repetition. The use of powerful recurring motifs which appear in varying contexts is something which has interested me in many art forms (Philip Glass, OBEY). Also anything with a strong sense of ambiguity and unknowability is always a WIN.

Behold, Ball Of Light!
The images are all taken at night, using long exposures (the shutter is open for around seven minutes). For about one minute, Denis stands in the frame and swings a homemade ‘light on a rope’ device (he’s a little secretive about exactly how this is made!) around himself. Each ball is like a fingerprint; similar to the others, but completely unique. I urge you to check out his website to see the complete body of work :
The pictures are beautiful, but what’s interesting is the range of responses people bring to Ball Of Light. Some think it looks ominous, some think it’s supposed to be some kind of science fiction narrative, some people have even seen a spiritual dimension to the photographs. Denis himself never intended to fill these gaps – basically, Ball Of Light can be whatever you want it to be!

I’m about to start working with Denis on a short film exploring the work. I won’t give the game away just yet, but suffice to say, the man has an extremely interesting story! I look forward to showing you the film in the near future.

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