How I quitted smoking

There are many ways to show our loved ones that we care, one of them is to make sure that they are taken care of after we are gone. A decent life insurance will ensure that our departure will not leave those that depend on us without the comforts of home. With the E-cigarettes you can determine that there is less chance of an early departure because of smoking. The fact is that sticking with E-cigarettes there is no early unfortunate demise, unless it is from something other than smoking.

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Music Is All About Social Media Now

If you look back a few decades ago, you’ll notice that music was a very uncomplicated industry. Bands started when a few friends decided to make music together and they were usually discovered by some music label while playing a local gig. If the record label did the marketing well, the band was launched into the spotlight and it was a smooth ride all the way through.

But the industry is not as simple as it used to be and this means musicians have had to reinvent themselves to get ahead. What was once solely about focusing on the music is now about acquiring skills in marketing and self promotion. Mostly this is because of the rise of the social media platforms all around.

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The Stories of Broken Hill

I have just returned from a 4 day job in Broken Hill, a remote mining town which can’t decide whether it is in South Australia or New South Wales. Geographically, it’s in Western NSW, yet still uses the South Australian time zone and phone number system. I was part of a team hosting a ‘digital storytelling’ workshop. This involves film-making in a social work context – participants are coached through the scripting, shooting and editing process in order to bring their own personal stories to the screen. This particular project focused on the lives of carers – mostly family members of people suffering from mental health conditions. These people have tough lives, even more so due to their remote location. Coming to terms with the realities of life surrounding illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression is a huge task, and the carers are often struggling through it without much support.

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Hiring Creatives Is Not Like Hiring A Plumber

If you want to hire someone to perform a creative service, it is not the same as if you want to hire a plumber.

If you have leaky taps, you just want the problem solved. You will make your decision based on cost and speed. How much will it cost me? When can you do it?

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Freshen Things Up – Have Some Fun!

I’m in one of the busiest periods of my career. My business is growing and I’m taking on more and more exciting jobs. The automatic self deprecation which is woven into my English DNA is urging me to talk it down somewhat and dampen my own sense of enthusiasm – but no, dammit, it’s awesome and I’m loving every minute. After several years of uncertainty and doubt, my work is paying off and I’m achieving my goals. *End of self-back-patting*

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Ball Of Light

I have a new film in the works! A few weeks back, I was wandering around Adelaide’s Bowerbird Bazaar, a bi-annual art and craft show. I was quite taken with some especially enigmatic photography on display, and got chatting to the creator, Denis Smith. I’m always intrigued by photographic projects which skilfully play with repetition. The use of powerful recurring motifs which appear in varying contexts is something which has interested me in many art forms (Philip Glass, OBEY). Also anything with a strong sense of ambiguity and unknowability is always a WIN.

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Amesege’nallo! (thankyou!)

This one is a bit of fun. Through my work at Gilles St Primary School, I get to hang out with some really great kids from all over the world. Lots of them come through the ‘new arrivals’ scheme, especially designed to help new migrant/refugee children settle in school. The programme was set up by Mrs Marina, who recently left the school. As a special thankyou for all her hard work and innovation, we decided to make a quick little film for her. I spoke to two graduates of the new arrivals scheme, Elsa & Wondwoson, about what it’s like to move from Ethiopia to Australia. We also showed them a bit of footage from when they first arrived – it’s great to see how far they’ve come! Have a look at the film below – I hope you enjoy it.

I recently re-watched Grizzly Man

I recently re-watched Grizzly Man, one of my favourite films. It tells the story of Timothy Treadwell, a somewhat socially maladjusted individual who spent thirteen summers living with grizzly bears in the wilds of Alaska. Early on in the film, we learn that he was eventually killed by one of these bears. Treadwell had collected over 100 hours of close-quarters footage of these awe-inspiring animals, as well as plenty of himself; alternately displaying childlike wonder, existential rage and bi-polar tendencies, Treadwell is as compelling to watch as the bears. This portrait is sensitively painted by legendary film-maker Werner Herzog, who provides his trademark sonorous voiceover, loaded with gravitas and insight. (continued below)

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Freelance Creatives of Adelaide – UNITE!

I want to create a FRIENDLY, PRODUCTIVE and USEFUL community just for creative freelancers in Adelaide. Here’s why.

More and more friends and acquaintances of mine around Adelaide have taken, or are about to take that great leap of faith (madness?) into the world of creative freelancing. The attractions of being your own boss are obvious, but so are the pitfalls. We’ve all had those terrifying thoughts – what if it doesn’t work? How will I pay the bills? Will I really be able to turn my passion into a healthy business?

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5 Reasons Why Videos Are Perfect For Small Businesses

Some of my clients run small businesses – I love working with these setups. Small business owners are passionate about what they do, they understand what they do better than anyone, and they can make quick decisions. Working with them to create tailor made videos is an extremely rewarding part of my job. Here’s why.

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