I Know A Place


Written and produced for The South Australian Museum as a Christmas E-Card to send out to stakeholders, this short TVC style piece captures the awe and wonder central to our museum experiences.
The brief required a piece which tapped into feelings of affection and nostalgia which local people have for the Museum. As a free attraction, Christmas seemed the perfect time to remind people that not all gifts are shop bought.

Ball of Light

An early project, but a favourite. This 15 minute documentary tells the story of Denis Smith, professional light painter. Two years ago, Denis was in a high pressure sales job, struggling with drink, debt and depression. His marriage was driven to the brink and he was forced to make drastic changes. He moved to Australia and soon discovered light painting, a unique form of photography which allows for vibrant and surreal imagery. Through a new found love of creativity, Denis began to change his life and find clarity. This film was awarded Best Documentary at the 2012 South Australian Screen Awards.

Taste It From Where You Are

Heartland Wines is home to Grant Tilbrook and Ben Glaetzer, two of South Australia’s most well known winemakers. This video gives an insight into their intimate knowledge of the winemaking process and their deep connection to the land. The brief was to artfully convey the unique points of difference of Heartland Wines, as well as a sense of the passion and care which goes into every bottle. Food and wine culture is such an important part of South Australian life, and video is the perfect tool to tell the unique stories behind the flavours.

Cocreating Hub Adelaide

Hub Australia hired me to create a web documentary series charting the creation of Hub Adelaide, a coworking space and networking community in the heart of the city. The world of work is changing, and as a freelancer I welcomed the chance to see first hand how collaboration and innovation can drive business in my hometown.