Music Is All About Social Media Now

If you look back a few decades ago, you’ll notice that music was a very uncomplicated industry. Bands started when a few friends decided to make music together and they were usually discovered by some music label while playing a local gig. If the record label did the marketing well, the band was launched into the spotlight and it was a smooth ride all the way through.

But the industry is not as simple as it used to be and this means musicians have had to reinvent themselves to get ahead. What was once solely about focusing on the music is now about acquiring skills in marketing and self promotion. Mostly this is because of the rise of the social media platforms all around.

Record deals now flow mostly to the bands and musicians that have already created a following online. A sizeable, pre existing audience is a more reliable bet for an industry grappling with reduced profits and control.

Artists now have to deliver the whole package to be taken seriously and be considered for a bigger gig. They have to get the whole profile right, from the social media interactions to the YouTube channel.for more details about YouTube channels, visit :

There are, of course, tools that musicians can use to make life simpler. Here are the best social tools we found for aspiring musicians who want to create more than just a profile, they want to build a following:


A part of ReverbNation, MyBand is a way to improve the single most important tool in online marketing over the past decade – the Facebook Fanpage. It lets you stream the music and photos your band creates and is specifically designed with music in mind. The band can showcase talent and upcoming shows right on the front page. The people who follow you are probably looking for upcoming tracks and new stories about the way you create your music, so this lets you put it front and center.


Speaking of engagement, the age-old mailing list never dies online and Fanbridge is a cool way to get more people signed up for regular newsletters about your band. The service does cost about $7 a month, but a lot of people find it totally worth it.


Speaking about images – in order to make the cover of your disk really pop and awesome you need to edit the photo. In addition, all the photos of your band that you post on social networks, need to be retouched. Edited photos have the right lighting, exposure, they are attractive. In order get efficiently processed photos it is worth using the services of professionals. The photos of your band can become really perfect in this photo retouching studio.

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