5 Reasons Why Videos Are Perfect For Small Businesses

Some of my clients run small businesses – I love working with these setups. Small business owners are passionate about what they do, they understand what they do better than anyone, and they can make quick decisions. Working with them to create tailor made videos is an extremely rewarding part of my job. Here’s why.

1) There’s always a story. You can’t just point a camera at something and expect a great video to just happen. The best video work has a sense of story – some sense of conflict, of progression, of resolution. It could be the story of a person, an enterprise, an idea – we humans are hard wired to enjoy a good story. With small business owners, their stories are ready and waiting. The spark of enthusiasm, the commitment against the odds, building something from nothing – these are the hallmarks of a successful small business, and well made videos can express these ideas perfectly.

2) They’re run by people. The bigger the business, the further you get away from the fact that it’s people who run it. The faceless brand takes over, and the message becomes about ‘core values’ and ‘market advantages’. Well made, authentic videos are a great way to get closer to the personalities who actually do the work every day, create the products, have the ideas. Small businesses are brilliantly positioned to use videos to directly connect with their audience. People buy from people they like. Show the world you are human.

3) They can open the doors. Videos work because they let people in. They give the audience a chance to see first hand what goes into the business – the challenges, the love, the dedication. Small business owners find it easier to throw open the doors, because there aren’t huge complex chains of command to go through. Small business operations are often lean and efficient – decisions are made with minimum fuss.

4) They can move fast. Expressing my ideas as a content creator and having them approved is far quicker when dealing with small businesses. I can present them with an idea on Monday, be shooting on Tuesday, editing on Wednesday and sharing the content online for the weekend. Getting in a room with the people who matter is easier. It’s less likely that there are several PR/media/comms departments to clear every last detail with. The production can gather momentum and the chance of spontaneous creativity is far greater. I like to move fast and small businesses can match that.

5) We grow together. As small businesses grow, the range and complexity of their message can change. Often after seeing the value of having just one video, my small business clients come back for more. They want to keep talking to their audience. I love sitting down with these clients, looking over their calendar for the year and devising an ongoing video strategy with them. We are on the journey together, and as a result the videos are much more effective.

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