It’s the stories that matterIt’s the stories that matter
Every business, organisation, charity, enterprise or institution has stories. Stories of risk, reward; discovery and insight. Stories of the people with the passion to make it work. Stories with messages to change society. These stories are your biggest assets. They are what set you apart. How well you tell these stories defines your relationship with your audience. It defines how they perceive your brand, and how receptive they are to your message.

The special relationship
Nowadays, organisInform, engage, enthuseations must engage far more closely with their audience than ever before. Faceless, corporate, and unaccountable – those were the old days. People want something that feels local, personal. They want to feel connected.

Inform, engage, enthuse
The immediacy of moving pictures and sound is a magical thing. Done skilfully, it’s the most effective and powerful form of engagement there is. If you need to incite excitement, intrigue or emotion in your audience, there’s nothing more potent than a well made video.

The power of the webDo no harm

Just like brochures, posters, websites and presentations, your videos are part of your brand. You wouldn’t put out important information for the public on lined paper,  and you wouldn’t turn up to a meeting in shorts and sneakers. Something shot on a phone at the back of your office

may seem ‘good enough’ – but is ‘good enough’ really the ethos you want to project?


The power of the web
As digital marketers know, the online world is rapidly changing. The web is where the conversation is happening, and it’s where your stories need to be told. The means to create and distribute high quality video content is now within the reach of many, in a way that was impossible just a few years ago.

Everyone has stories
You could be a schoolteacher. An artist. A scientist. You could be running an NGO, a multinational business or a chain of shops. Whether you’re a team of many, or just one – everyone has stories – don’t keep them to yourself.